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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Staff Meeting

A brighter future for your business

  • Counselling services for your employees and their families

  • Telehealth, phone or in-person sessions available

  • Pay per use - only pay for what you actually use

  • No long-term contracts

  • 2x FREE training/education sessions at your workplace 

  • Confidential 

What is EAP?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides your business with the opportunity to reduce its people risks by providing effective mental health and wellbeing services to employees and their families.

The aim is to improve productivity in the workplace by reducing the impact of factors such as absenteeism, excessive stress, presenteeism, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms that negatively affect the working environment.


The key benefits of an EAP program will enable you to prevent, identify, and resolve issues before they negatively impact your workplace. This is through:

  • Increased morale, now seen as an excellent employee benefit for employers of choice

  • Improved productivity, due to the improvement in personal life distractions and issues

  • Assistance for managers to develop strategies to deal with those often tricky and complex employee issues

  • Reduced workplace absenteeism

  • Reduced WHS risks by having a proactive system in place for supporting your employees' mental health.

Let’s Work Together

Servicing businesses between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast 

M: 0487 933 653 

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