Journal Prompts for Self Reflection

Updated: Jun 3

Okay, so we've spoken about why you should journal and I'm hoping by now we can all agree that there are endless benefits to getting thoughts and feelings down on paper. I know this all sounds good and well, but then you open up the new journal and stare at the blank pages and aren't quite sure what comes next? This is where I can help, read on for some helpful prompts to get the thoughts flowing

Questions are a great place to start for journaling. Simple questions can lead to some really big thoughts paths, you can give some of these a try:

Tip #1 - Start with a "what"

This can be the easiest way to start with journaling, some really straightforward questions to get things moving along.

  • What are some of the thoughts you found regularly occurring today?

  • What are some of the good/bad things that happened?

  • What are you grateful for?

  • What will your ideal life look like in 1/3/5 years? What can you do today to work towards this?

  • What would you write about, if you felt you wouldn't be judged?

  • What do I need to forgive myself for?

Tip #2 - The Change

I'm going to assume that the reason you are here reading this post is that you feel like there is something in your life that just isn't 'right', or there is something you know you need to change. I'm a firm believer that nothing in life happens by accident, there is a purpose behind every person we meet (yep, even the terrible ex's) and everything that happens to us.

So, for your next entry I want you to take a little inventory of your current life stage.

  • What's happening at the moment you would like to change?

  • What are some things that are going particularly well?

  • Is there something in particular you are struggling with right now? (big changes, break-ups, mental health, etc).

  • Where is it that you would like to be, and what are the steps you need to take to get there?

“The hardest thing about "everything happens for a reason" is waiting for that reason to show up.” - Karen Salmansohn

Tip #3 - The Lighter Side of Life

When the days are long and everything feels a bit too hard, it's easy to get stuck on the negatives. But, sitting in a negative space is only going to make you feel worse. So, I want you to really try focus on some of the good that you have in your life and this can help improve your mood and mental health.

  • Write about something that made you smile today (a funny meme, someone's cute dog that you got to pet, seeing a friend).

  • What is something difficult that you have been through, that you are now grateful for and why?

  • Which people in my life am I most grateful for, and why? What is it about these people that make me so happy?

  • What am I most grateful for at this point in life?

  • How can I show my gratitude better to myself and those around me?

Tip #4 - Make a Change

Now, this can be one of the harder, but most rewarding ones. This is where we focus on what it is you can actually do to improve your mood and general well-being. But, it does mean recognizing areas for growth.

  • How would I talk to my best friend in this situation, what would I say to them?

  • If I asked the person closest to me for advice about this, what would they say?

  • What do I need to do to feel at peace?

  • What parts of my personality commonly get complimented, and how can I use this strength more?

  • What are the barriers that are keeping me from loving myself?

  • What 3 small steps can I take today to be the best version of myself?

Now Let's Get Writing!

I hope that these ideas gave you some inspiration on what to write. If you still feel you aren't up to the blank sheet of paper... I have some great guided journals on my online shop to make it a little easier. Take a look >

Happy writing! xx

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