Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)

Bachelor of Business (HR)

CertIII Youth Ministry

Gottman Levels 1 & 2 (Couples Therapy)

Australian Association of Psychologists Inc. (Student)

Australian Counselling Association (Student)

Certificate in CBT and ACT

Kierra is in the final stages of her Psychology degree as well as her Graduate Diploma in Counselling with previous qualifications in Youth Ministry and Human Resources. Kierra is a client-focused and curious practitioner. She uses cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) primarily. However, Kierra understands that each client is unique and does not believe in a "one size fits all" approach to therapy.

Although she has experience working with anxiety, depression, relationships (and break-ups), stress, phobia, grief, parental separation, and more... It is Kierras' life experience that makes her a unique therapist, growing up in the foster care system, she has a lot more experience under her belt than most would assume. She has firsthand experienced the effects that drug misuse and alcoholism have on an entire family system, which has helped her become the compassionate therapist she is today, particularly when working with families and couples.

Kierra believes in taking a holistic approach to mental health, there is no magical 'cure' or tablet that she can prescribe that will make everything better, but she will equip you with the knowledge and power you need to work through your issues, and become better prepared for whatever challenges life may bring in the future. 



For more information and bookings, please contact Kierra on 
0487 933 653 or kierra.wilk96@gmail.com



I have a boutique practice in Beerwah where I offer counseling services for:

- Children

- Teens

- Adults

- Families

- Couples

At My Wellness Mindset, you can expect a friendly, warm experience to safely explore underlying issues which commonly show up as symptoms such as anxiety, depression, stress, interpersonal conflict, sleep and diet issues, motivation and simply feeling 'out of balance.' I do not use a diagnostic approach to therapy, I don't believe that you are your mental health issues, but instead, it is simply a part of you that you can learn to understand and manage in healthy ways. 

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M: 0487 933 653

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